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SNMP Management Solutions

SNMPc is an application developed by Castlerock which allows management of multiple computers via SNMP. TELNET provides that application as a provider with .MIB configuration files and propietary visualization plugins corresponding to the full range of equipment available.

SNMPc application is available in both Enterprise and Workgroup version. The difference is the maximum number of supported equipment and additional options such as remote console or Poller, only provided in the Enterprise option.


TELNET provides a wide variety of SNMP management solutions on the developed equipments. Given the rapid rate of expansion and growth experienced by communication networks today, TELNET seeks to simplify and provide great flexibility in its SNMP management equipment so that supervision and monitoring of events can be accessible regardless of the location of these.

It provides three methods for different SNMP management depending on the type of connection from the management console, IP management (via Ethernet connection), management RTC (via dial-up connection) and IB management (in band, through the own fiber-optic link).


IP Management

As typical management access all the equipments bring an electric 10BaseT Ethernet interface for communication with the SNMP agent equipment from the central management console.

Through this interface management console it communicates with the SNMP agent of the equipment. TELNET completes the configuration with the Castlerock SNMPc application along with propietary .MIB configuration files and visualization plugins for the full range of equipment available. All broadband products include this type of management by default.

RTC Management

Since there are places where you cannot access through a router connected to the private network of the operator responsible for monitoring, it is possible to access the equipment through the switched telephone network (PSTN) through the introduction of a modem within the SNMP agent of the equipment.

In this case the connection is not permanent, the manager can connect to teh equipment and perform monitoring of various variables of this. In the opposite direction, it is the SNMP agent of the equipment that established the PSTN connection through internal modem and reports alarms or events that just happen and that has been storing. This type of management requires the RTC-GATEWAY, Gateway with which the SNMP agent of the team connects and reports alarms and events. Each GATEWAY-RTC can manage multiple cards with RTC management.

IB Management

TELNET goes beyond to facilitate the management and monitoring of communications networks and provides in band SNMP management multiplexing management frames with data traffic.

This solution is highly attractive to those cases where it is impossible to access one of the ends of the link, or it is desired a complete link management from a single point. Management frames are recovered in the complementary equipment without being accessible for end users thus ensuring complete confidentiality and security management. This type of management is currently available in the AO-100, CM-100 and AO-GBIC.