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Trisector BTS antennas

Trisector BTS antennas

The TELNET trisector BTS antennas for sharing are part of the ENVIA family, a new generation of antennas for mobile telephone base stations, with radiating components based on fractal geometry. This technology significantly reduces the overall size of the antenna, allowing it to be incorporated under a single cylindrical radome, equivalent to 12 single-band panels in a traditional antenna wich makes possible the antenna sharing.

Panel BTS antennas

Panel BTS antennas

TELNET Panel BTS Antennas are a new generation of antennas for mobile phone base stations, whose radiating elements are based on fractal geometry. This technology significantly reduces the size and volume of the antenna, enabling integration into a single panel the equivalent of up to 6 traditional singleband panels.

RET for BTS antennas

Remote control of variable electric tilt

Following the philosophy of TELNET Redes Inteligentes, the variable electric tilt remote control solution is an own design, fully adapted to TELNET products. We present several models of RET, each of them can be adapted to the needs of operators, different antennas or environments and always with the same software for all of them.

BTS antennas infrastructure

Infrastructure solutions

Compact is the term used by TELNET Redes Inteligentes for a new concept of radiant system and mast integrated as a single product for urban environment with a minimal visual impact. This solution has been designed to achieve maximum compatibility between masts and the TELNET’s compact antennas complete portfolio.

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