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Fiber optic cable and passive elements

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All Dielectric Self Supported fiber optic cable

Aerial cable ADSS

All Dielectric Self Supported (ADSS) fiber optic cable designed for aerial installation in between poles, avoiding the use of guided cables. ADSS offer the necessary tensile strength to support tension originated in these types of cable laying thanks to the use of aramid, a material that provides excellent mechanical properties, at a very low weight.

Buried cable without the use of conduits

Buried cable

Directly buried fiber optic cable (without the use of conduits) must have an excellent mechanical resistance against external factors, as they lack the additional protection provided by conduits, being therefore more exposed to rodents, water, etc.

Conduit and facade installation

Cable for conduit or façade installation

TELNET offer for conduit and façade installation is wide, and the decision on which cable to choose depends mostly on the specific characteristics of the deployment.



Microcables or PDR (Polyethylene of Reduced Diameter) are cables of reduced dimensions, indicated for sharing conduits, or when conduits are rented, and space usage is the main driver for cable design.

FTTx distribution and drop cables

Distribution and drop cables FTTx

FTTH (Fiber To The Home) has had an exponential growth in the last years, being one of the main investments for operators. This means specific solutions are required in order to improve installation, by shortening times and making the process easier, keeping a low cost, at the same time quality is ensured.

Solutions for network deployment

Pasive optical components

As pioneers in GPON technology, TELNET offers a complete solution for network deployment: headend equipment, a wide range of ONTs, cabling and passive components.