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FTTH (Fiber To The Home) has had an exponential growth in the last years, being one of the main investments for operators. This means specific solutions are required in order to improve installation, by shortening times and making the process easier, keeping a low cost, and ensuring quality.

Because cable enters in the subscribers home, these cables must comply with specific legislation regarding safety (use of LSZH materials – Low Smoke Zero Halogen), and conduit sharing for greenfield building. On top, last mile requires low bending radius due to installation conditions such as small and shared conduits. For this reason, TELNET offers these cables with G.657.A2 fiber.

When performing the subscriber installation, time is key. Preconnectorized cables allow to directly connecting the floor distribution box to the optical outlet, minimizing installation time, and improving the reliability by reducing the amount of splices in the field.

To provide a solution, TELNET offers a wide catalog for each part the of the FTTH deployment, offering custom lengths and connectors for each cable:

FlexiT – Riser cable: Easy stripping cable due to the use of special material for the tubes, allowing a higher flexibility, facilitating the distribution per floor in vertical installations.

FlexiT – Riser cable, easy stripping

Indoor drop cable 2/3mm – KT fiber optic cable: Used to connect the floor distribution box with the subscriber optical outlet, and due to its reduced diameter, are used in conduits short in space, or when the cable is installed over the baseboards. It can be supplied preconnectorized on one of the ends to increase installation speed.

Indoor 2/3mm drop cable

Indoor drop cable 4,2 mm– KT fiber optic cable:  Used to connect the floor distribution box with the subscriber optical outlet. With 4,2mm diameter and loose tube structure to provide extra mechanical resistance. It can be supplied preconnectorized on one of the ends to increase installation speed.

Indoor 4,2mm drop cable

Indoor/outdoor drop cable 5mm – fiber optic cable KT, FVT:  Used to connect the distribution box on the façade with the subscriber optical outlet. Since it enters subscribers home, and is exposed to external conditions, TELNET uses specific materials to comply with LSZH requirements at the same time it can stand harsh outdoors conditions. With a 5mm diameter and tight buffered fiber at 900u, it allows an easy connectorization.

Indoor/outdoor KT drop cable

Indoor/outdoor FVT drop cable

Aerial drop cable (ADSS): Used to interconnect poles with houses, without the need of messenger cable. The external jacket can be in LSZH materials to comply with safety requirements for indoor use, so the cable can finalize inside the customer premises if required. Can be supplied preconnectorized to increase installation speed.

Aerial drop cable KTKT

Aerial drop cable KTFVT

Low friction drop cable:

Facilitates the installation in conduits with complicated access, or already congested, since it has a very small diameter, and has steel wires, which help guiding the cable through overcrowded conduits.

Low friction drop cable

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