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M2M Solutions

TELNET’s IoT gateway family is designed to provide access to the Cloud in an easy way to a wide variety of devices making use of different mechanisms and the most extended communication protocols.

Gateways are designed on different form factors, adapted to the typical usage environments (residential, SOHO, industrial, metering, embedded, and outdoor), changing its appearance, sturdiness and adaptability, but not the power and performance of the processing core.

Gateway’s processing core is based on Intel® Atom BayTrail, which provides an excellent performance with a reduced cost, being at the same time a very scalable solution that allows software reuse across platforms.

TELNET’s IoT gateways allows running most popular open-source Linux distros as well as WindRiver Linux and BabelGate™, reducing drastically the learning curve, code portability and client’s solutions deployment.

BabelGate™ is a solution developed by TELNET based on FIWARE, which allows integration between gateways and final devices in the Cloud, such as the one offered by BabelGate™ or by third party solutions. Although based on Linux, as a differentiating factor, BabelGate™ allows operating system abstraction, providing users with a simple mechanism for developing and deploying their applications on the gateways.

Industrial / metering gateway

The BabelDIN equipment conform the IoT gateway family for metering or industry 4.0 environments, offering all the processing power, low consumption and scalability of Intel® Atom processors.

BabelDIN industrial gateway has a robust design insertable in a standard DIN rail, ideal for industrial and metering environments, allowing wired and wireless connectivity and scalability through expansion ports. It offers a simple and straightforward mechanism for integrating devices and sensors in the Cloud.

Like the other equipment from TELNET’s IoT gateway family, BabelDIN allows the execution of the most popular open-source Linux distros, WindRiver Linux or BabelGate ™.

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