Real decree 10/2020

10/2020 Royal Decree

As Royal Decree Law 10/2020 dictates, TELNET REDES INTELIGENTES continues developing its activity as a part of the Telecommunications sector.

Compact BTS antenna for sharing

Compact Antennas

The TELNET Compact Tri-sector antenna for sharing is part of the ENVIA family, a new generation of antennas for mobile telephone base stations, with radiating components based on fractal geometry, this technology makes possible the antenna sharing.

Construction Product Regulation


CPR is a European Regulation which harmonizes requirements for commercializing construction products in the EU, providing a common technical framework for all member states, ensuring that professionals, public authorities, and consumer have reliable information available.

partner program

Become a partner

GPON technology is making its way into corporate networks with strength. Although it was born as a 100% residential FTTH solution, currently there are more and more sectors and scenarios that look at this technology with enthusiasm. By joining the TELNET Partner Meeting Point program you will have access to a professional team with more than 20 years of experience.