The Compact SAE 10GbE 1+1 Optical adapter belongs to the new generation of optical adapters Telnet Redes Inteligentes Compact SAE. This family of modules represents the most advanced range and best performance TELNET RI Optical Adapters.
Among the most important characteristics of the Compact SAE family highlights the implementation of advanced switching criteria and maintenance of statistics. Both features have been developed on programmable ASIC. This technology enables the Compact Optical SAE adapter to process and analyze traffic at line speed of service without penalty, reporting statistics to the operator.
Compact SAE 10GbE 1+1 optical has two optical interfaces, the client and the operator; both based on modular removable technology (SFP) and can be configured with SFP modules of different reaches depending on the application. Operator interface has two optical ports for redundancy applications available depending on the route (applications 1+1 and 1+0).

Once defined a default route, it is possible to stablish the switching criteria -or set of them- that the Compact SAE 10GbE 1+1 Optical adapter takes into account before placing traffic on the alternative route. The options available are as follows:
• LOS (Loss of signal). Loss of signal at the RX port of the optical transceiver.
• Optical power received at the RX port of the optical transceiver defined below.
• Errors per second. When it reaches the pre-configured threshold for one or more of the following errors: CRC, wrong size frame, fragments or reception of smaller frames than standard, and code symbols Disparity

The response time to such events will never be greater than 50ms.
In addition, Compact SAE 10GbE 1+1 has the following policies of redundancy in case of fail of the main fiber: reversible switching (back to the main route in recovery), non-reversible (staying in the switched path to new switching event on the route) and forced commutation (always same path, independent of the events).


1+1 Link protection

1+1 Link protection

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