Management Excellence

Our Process Management System is certified according to the UNE-EN ISO 9001 (Quality Management Systems) and UNE-EN ISO 14001 (Environmental Management Systems) standards.

TELNET Redes Inteligentes S.A. develops all its business activities in the framework set out by the fundamental principles established in its Mission, Vision, Values and Management System Policy.


TELNET Redes Inteligentes S.A. Mission is to provide advanced technology solutions that enable the development of the information and knowledge society, in a profitable way for its shareholders, contributing to the creation of social and professional development of the people working in the organization.


The Vision of TELNET Redes Inteligentes S.A. is to be a reference in the telecommunications sector, contributing decisively to the development of information and knowledge society, with sustained profits for their shareholders, and outcomes that have positive impacts on its staff, environment and general society, becoming a multinational high technology vendor.


· Approach to customer’s needs and expectations.
· Technological innovation.
· Ability to adapt to changes.
· Commitment and involvement of our staff.
· Commitment to the continuous growth of the organization.

Commitment to our customers

Achieving customer satisfaction by meeting their requirements, and working to anticipate their future needs, are key objectives of our management policy in TELNET Redes Inteligentes S.A. To this end we develop and manufacture products with high quality while maintaining a competitive price, being certified our management system according to UNE-EN ISO 9001. The pillars of this standard are process management, continuous improvement and customer satisfaction.

TELNET Redes Inteligentes S.A. has products certified by carriers and large enterprises in the telecommunications sector, which includes Telefónica de España, Telefónica Móviles, ONO, Telefonica de Chile, Euskaltel, Unión Fenosa, Enagas, Gas Natural, Iberdrola, AENA, Administrador de Infraestructuras Ferroviarias (ADIF), Dirección General de Tráfico, Grupo R, Endesa, Telecable de Asturias, Red Eléctrica, Ericsson, Nokia Siemens Networks, Fujikura, Vodafone, Portugal Telecom, Energías de Portugal (EDP), etc.

Commitment to R&D

TELNET Labs initiative brings together all our innovative and research ability. This system includes tools for generation/selection of ideas, control of design projects, technological monitoring, etc. that allows us to offer our customers a high capacity for innovation, while contributing to increasing the innovative capacity of our society and business sector.

TELNET Redes Inteligentes S.A. participates in various forums to promote innovation as the Provincial Commission of Innovation of Zaragoza (INZA), and projects to improve competitiveness in management.

In addition TELNET Redes Inteligentes S.A. participates regularly in calls for the Ministries of Industry and Science and Innovation, as well as in calls of the EU Framework Programme, gaining support for the development of research and innovation projects which allow us to maintain a leadership position in the sector equipment and systems for telecommunications networks.

Commitment to Society and Environment

For TELNET Redes Inteligentes S.A. is a priority to develop itself as a company in a sustained and sustainable way. For this reason, our management system is certified according to UNE-EN ISO 14001. The compliance with legislation and the conservation and respect for the environment are aspects of great importance. All our activities are performed with the best available technologies, with particular attention to reducing pollution at source and waste minimization.

Major initiatives of TELNET Redes Inteligentes S.A. on environmental issues are:

· Waste of Electrical and Electronic Equipment management (WEEE).
· SIG ECOEMBES contribution to the recovery of packaging placed on the market.
· Segregation and management of waste generated in all workplaces.
· Design of electronic equipment with environmental criteria.

Waste of Electrical and Electronic Equipment management(WEEE)

By royal decree 208/2005, of 25 February, on electrical and electronic equipment and the management of their waste, establishes the need for producers of electrical and electronic equipment (EEE) to put in place systems for the proper management of waste that these devices generate, when its lifetime ends. In order to comply with these obligations, as allowed by royal decree 208/2005 Royal in Articles 7 and 8, TELNET Redes Inteligentes S.A., as producer of AEE, has opted for the management of WEEE through the Integrated Management System Of the ECOTIC Foundation. TELNET Intelligent Networks S.A. Aims to promote and motivate attitudes and behaviors that favor the collection and recycling of WEEE, to contribute to the environmental improvement and sustainable development. By properly disposing this type of products, we help to avoid the negative consequences for the environment and human health that could result from the incorrect disposal of electrical and electronic equipment. TELNET Redes Inteligentes S.A. offers the possibility of withdrawing at no cost, the WEEE from our brands, to proceed to its environmental treatment by authorized managers. TELNET Redes Inteligentes S.A. is registered in the national register of producers of electrical and electronic equipment (REI-RAEE), managed by the Ministry of Industry, Tourism and Trade, under number 1746. To request the removal of obsolete EEE, contact with our commercial department at the phone number (+34) 976 14 18 00.

Contribution to the ECOEMBES IMS for the recovery of packaging placed on the market

Since 2004 TELNET Redes Inteligentes S.A. is part of the Waste’s Integrated Management Systems of ECOEMBES, a not-for-profit corporation whose mission is to design and develop systems aimed at the selective collection and recovery of used packaging and packaging waste.

Through its participation in ECOEMBES, TELNET Redes Inteligentes S.A. contributes to the promotion of cultural and environmental sustainability of our society.

Segregation and management of waste generated in all workplaces

Waste minimization in production processes is a goal continuously pursued by TELNET Redes Inteligentes S.A. To achieve this minimization and to contribute to respect for the environment, the following activities are carried out:

· Separation of waste by type (paper and cardboard, plastics, metals, oils, solvents, batteries, consumables, …)
· Reuse where possible.
· Delivery to authorized managers for recycling or disposal.

Among the waste managers with whom TELNET Redes Inteligentes S.A. work with, highlights Adiego Hermanos(AR/G-3/93; hazardous waste) FCC Medio Ambiente (AR/GNP-R56/2002; cardboard, paper, plastic and wood) and Jose Gracia Luis Blanco (AR/GNP-R-236/2008, MSW), all of them being approved by the Diputación General de Aragon for waste management.

TELNET Redes Inteligentes S.A. is registered in the register of small producers of hazardous waste from the Comunidad Autónoma of Aragon under No AR/PP-7299/2008.

Design of electronic equipment with environmental criteria

TELNET Redes Inteligentes S.A. is aware, as a producer of electronic equipment, of the importance of incorporating criteria that respect the environment in all processes of the organization.

For this reason, we started to design our equipment with electronic components free of heavy metals (lead, mercury, cadmium, …) as well as schemes that allow easy disassembly for recycling operations and/or recycling once the equipment is has become a waste.

Social commitment

The Aragonese Development Institute (Government of Aragon) has granted to TELNET Redes Inteligentes, S.A. the RSA (Social Responsibility of Aragon) badge as recognition of its social strategies and policies. The Government of Aragon in collaboration with CREA, Cepyme Aragón, UGT and CC.OO have launched the Aragon Social Responsibility Plan, aiming to strengthening Aragonese companies and self-employed thanks to their Social Responsibility strategic focus on policies, products, services and actions that generate a more sustainable and relevant social impact.

pdf-ico Social Responsability Report 2019

pdf-ico Social Responsability Report 2020

Aragon Social Responsability badge

Commitment to people

People who work on TELNET Redes Inteligentes S.A. are the main added value of the organization. A policy of stable employment, a pleasant working environment, work-life balance plans, support the employment of persons with disabilities and safe conditions to develop the daily work are some of the activities where the organization gets involved with its workers.

Our Occupational Health and Safety Management System (SST) is developed according to the pillars of the ISO 45001 standard, which guarantees compliance with all activities related to occupational risk prevention:

  • Risk assessment of jobs
  • Adoption of preventive measures to eliminate or minimize risk
  • Health surveillance
  • Training and information on prevention
  • Coordination of business activities with customers and suppliers
  • Use of personal protective equipment

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