The AO-100-IB cards are a powerful tool to provide remote management MiniSAE and TriSAE chassis located in client’s home, without using additional fibers: the management is carried in an additional window to the user traffic, using the WDM multiplexers of metroSAE chassis.

The TELNET solution for in band WDM management with AO-100-IB replaces the traditional IP management (ISDN/ADSL router) and/or RTC supervision. Since the Ethernet port of a central chassis can manage up to 12 remote chassis installed at client’s home.
AO-100-IB multiplex management traffic along with client’s traffic. For the solution to interoperability, transmission and traffic management should be programmed in complementary windows. Along with each card AO-100-IB TELNET distributes the hoselines fiber needed for the interconnection with the chassis’ WDM filters.

AO-100-IB 1+0 has an optical port: using the backplane of the chassis, the management is automatically routed to the SNMP controller. AO-100-IB has an additional 1+1 optical port to handle a second diversified traffic circuit.
Management solution with AO-100-IB incorporates the maximum guarantees of security: from the client’s equipment the core of the network monitoring does is not accessible.


Client's miniSAE chassis WDM managed from the central

Client’s miniSAE chassis WDM managed from the central

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