Optical adapter GbE card is a 1+1 multiple optical transponder with 3R recovery to add redundancy in the network routing to GigabitEthernet elements that do not have.

Switching between optical Interfaces is performed in less than 50ms, depending on the policies defined by management console: reversible, non reversible, forced switching, thresholds and switching power. The card auto-detect inserted optical modules, allowing to work on 1+0 configurations (two optical modules) and 1+1 redundancy.

AO GbE 1+1 has three optical interfaces: the first two relate to the network link. The second is correspond to the local link with the user element. The card acts as a boundary between the network user and network operator.

From the SNMP management system it is possible to monitor physical parameters of the interfaces as transmitted and received optical power, intensity of polarization of each laser (detection of premature aging) and the internal temperature of the modules.

Moreover, the facilities establishing loops in the three optical interfaces allow the detection of flaws and faults delimiting responsibilities.

GbE adapter includes a block of generation and analysis of pseudorandom sequence (PRBS). This feature allows testing of fiber link without the need for external equipment involving disconnection of the fiber path. The network operator, from the remote console, can enable SNMP options generation and analysis for the three interfaces of the equipment.

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