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One Ibiza Suites is a 5 star luxury resort located on Figueretas beach front in Ibiza city. It has a total of 86 suites and its guests enjoy a wide variety of catering, leisure and relaxation services.

The hospitality industry is fiercely competitive and requires a first level communication infrastructure to guarantee the customers’ quality of experience. The goal of One Ibiza Suites was to replace its old network infrastructure with one of greater capacity, better capabilities and performance in order to place the resort at the forefront of the sector.


  • A single communications network for both employees and customers and for all the offered services
  • Expanded capabilities for video (IPTV), telephony (VoIP) and Internet access (Wi-Fi) services. Quality of experience improvement.
  • Wi-Fi hotspot
  • Personalized check-in
  • Scalability
  • Security and reliability
  • Efficient network operation and maintenance
  • Design, deployment and maintenance costs saving
  • Requirement: traditional analog phone


  • Structured cabling
  • Active optical fiber (point to point network)
  • Optical fiber: GPON/FTTH-FTTR


The solution choosen by One Ibiza Suites was a network based on FTTR deployment (Fiber To The Room) with all the services based on IP using the GPON (Gigabit-capable Passive Optical Network) technology of TELNET Redes Inteligentes. Infinitel was commissioned to perform the network integration.

The TELNET GPON network is a scalable, future-proof and reliable solution that covers all the needs of One Ibiza Suites. It consists of a SmartOLT 350 (4 PON ports, up to 256 users), 1UA, occupying as little space as possible in the hotel’s communications rack.

A WaveAccess 4022TN ONT, which provides up to 4 Wi-Fi SSIDs, was installed in each room. A STB and an exclusive analog phone were connected to the ONT (the conversion to VoIP takes place inside the device). The compatibility with the analogue design phone was an indispensable requirement in order to maintain the hotel’s style and design. The ONT allows on each room IPTV video on demand, telephone service and WiFi Internet access with the highest quality.

The chosen LAN design keeps the ONTs in an inaccessible location to the guest, but easily accessible and manageable for the hotel’s maintenance staff.

Thanks to GPON technology, no active equipment is required between the OLT located in the communication rack and the suites’ ONTs. This way reduces the racks and space required per floor, keeping only a small distribution cabinet. As it is passive equipment, it is not necessary to install a cooling system for this distribution equipment, saving energy consumption and network maintenance costs. Additionally, the distribution network is simpler and its deployment offers costs saving too.

The TELNET Redes Inteligentes hospitality solution aims for the usability and easy network management. By using the graphical management tool TGMS (TELNET GPON Management System) it is very easy and intuitive to create, modify and configure the services of each device, simplifying the complexities of the GPON protocol and allowing the administrator a complete configuration of the hotel network in a few minutes.

Attending to the operation and maintenance of the network, it allows a real time service management, control and monitoring system, showing the ONTs status, its provisioned services and the assigned bandwidth at any time.

Esquema de red GPON/FTTR

GPON/FTTR network escheme


The hotel’s old and outdated communications network has been replaced. With this FTTR solution, voice, data and video services that previously were delivered by separate networks are integrated into a single one.

  • Higher speed data transmission and capacity
  • User experience improvement due to the quality of service: better quality in data, video and telephone services
  • Network deployment costs saving: wiring reduction and simpler physical topologies
  • Centralized management architecture: cost savings due to easier operation and management
  • Guaranteed and best effort bandwidth policies in both upstream and downstream: flexibility to configure them per service and per user
  • It is not necessary to hire third parties to offer personalized services to the client thanks to the management offered by GPON and TGMS
  • Electricity consuption saving
  • Network and communications security
  • No electromagnetic interference
  • Network scalability

The capabilities of the One Ibiza Suite network have been expanded, allowing a greater offer of additional services such as personalized check-in, HD video surveillance, telepresence, home automation, information panels, private network for POS/TPVs, etc.

The new GPON network has brought an important improvement of the hotel’s rating made by users on searching engine pages and the occupancy of the hotel has also increased.

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