GPON analyzer GPON Doctor 4500

GPON analyzer: GPONDoctor 4500

GPON Doctor 4500 is a portable pasive, chipset-less GPON analyzer and sniffer. Connected to any location within your GPON network, will capture downstream and upstream bit-level information, providing comprehensive analysis of the GTC layer: OAM, PLOAM and OMCI. Oriented to problem detection, certification and interoperability test, it is the perfect tool for lab application engenieers engaged in GPON deployment phase of GPON active elements developers/integrators.

GPON Doctor 4500 is a complete and autonomous solution: Composed by a GPON capture+evaluator card, a “state of the art” chassis and a processing software capable of analysing and evaluating the capture data.


  • Test / troubleshooting of interoperability issues between GPON manufacturers in an operators Network (ITU G.984.x, G.988)
  • Analysis and diagnosis of incidents and malfunctionings in an established GPON network
  • Evaluation of protocol compliance during OLTs / ONTs GPON development
  • Analysis of protocols over Ethernet encapsulated in GPON frames.

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