GPON Doctor OLTe

GPON Doctor OLTe is an OLT oriented for ONT/ONU compleance and network interoperability test, being the reference tool for lab engineers engaged in GPON predevelopment phase as well as for GPON network equipment vendors. It is the perfect companion for the GPON Doctor 2000/4000 into scripts, allowing the emulation of commertial OLT behaviors.

As OLT emulator, it is a completely flexible tool, which alows configuring many different provisioning models as desired OMCI messages can be sent individually or grouping several of them in scripts.


  • GPON interoperability troubleshooting
  • Analysis and diagnosis of incidents and deviations in a established GPON network
  • Evaluation of protocol compleance during GPON OLTs/ONUs development
  • Detection of underperforming ONUs

pantalla emulador OLTe

Traffic emulator