OLT de 12 puertos PON


With a low start-up budget, the GPON OLT SmarOLT 460 allows the operator to serve GPON services to early customers, and gradually , extend the capabilities of the equipment as new suscribers join.

Equipped with 12 PON ports (up to 768 ONTs) and 10G transport ports, designed for medium density deploys as small populations, housing states, hotel complexes (FTTR o Fiber to the Room), companies etc. Allows a centralized and intuitive management through the  TGMS (Telnet GPON Management System) web platform.

The SmartOLT 460 is fully compatible with 350 y 240 models, allowing its coexistence within a network and allowing scalability throug a staged investment.


  • FTTH deploys in medium density populations
  • Operators starting in GPON
  • FTTR deploys (hotels, resorts), house states and offices

TGMS (TELNET GPON Management System) screenshot

**For further information contact telnet@telnet-ri.es