GPON ONT DIN rail format


GPON ONT HGU for residential, industrial and small business use that thanks to its Gigabit Ethernet allows for high data transmission rates.
Designed to be used as a media converter (GPON to Ethernet), it can be connected directly to a PC to provide data services, to a Router for extra services such as WiFi, or to a switch for FTTB (Fiber to the Building) deployments.

Its DIN rail form factor makes it easy to install in distribution panels, small office installations, being the perfect solution to provide Ethernet access in FTTD (Fiber to the Desk). It supports Daisy Chain power supply, allowing placing several units with a single 220V AC sources. On top, TELNET has different solutions in DIN rail such as 1550nm-RF converters, and splitters, which allow a practical and easy installation.

All WaveAccess family ONTs are 100% compatible with TELNET’s SmartOLT, and its web management system, the TGMS (TELNET GPON Management System). Using the TGMS, the operator can configure triple play offers in a matter of minutes, and manage all the SmartOLTs and ONUs deployed, all of this from a single web interface, and in an easy an intuitive way.

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