ONU interoperable con WiFi ac

GPON ONT WaveAccess 4520

GPON ONT HGU for residential and hospitality use (Fiber To The Room, FTTR) that unifies ONT and Router functionalities in a single device , offering WIFI,4x1GbE ports, 2xPOTS a 1 x USB port.

By implementing  802.11 ac , it offers a great WiFi range and allows to take full adventage of the available speed because of that WiFi-LAN/WAN switching  is done at hardware level allowing that way the protocol  maxium bandwidth.

WaveAccess 4520 ONT is interoperable with main vendors’ GPON OLTs*, so it can be deployed in new or existing networks.

All WaveAccess family ONTs are 100% compatible with TELNET’s SmartOLT, and its web management system, the TGMS (TELNET GPON Management System) [enlazable]. Using the TGMS, the operator can configure triple playoffers in a matter of minutes , and manage all the SmartOLTs and ONUs deployed, all of this from a single web interface, and in a easy and intutive way,

This ONT model is also ZTP Ready, which makes it manageable from the Zero Touch Provisioning (ZTP) autoconfiguration platform (linkable). It allows to automate the additional CPE configuration in a fast and intuitive way, avoiding the need of accesing each ONT of the deployment,

WaveAccess 4520 vista trasera

Back side WaveAccess 4520

WaveAccess 4520 vista lateral

Side view WaveAccess 4520

**For further information contact telnet@telnet-ri.es