GPON ONT WaveAccess 4530

GPON ONT WaveAccess 4530

GPON ONT WaveAccess 4530

GPON ONT HGU for residential and small business use that unifies ONT and Router functionalities in a single device , offering WIFI, four GbE ports, two POTS and RF for CATV. By implementing  802.11 ac , it offers a great WiFi range and allows to take full adventage of the available speed because of that WiFi-LAN/WAN switching  is done at hardware level allowing that way the protocol  maxium bandwidth.

All WaveAccess family ONTs are 100% compatible with TELNET’s SmartOLT, and its web management system, the TGMS (TELNET GPON Management System). Using the TGMS, the operator can configure triple playoffers in a matter of minutes, and manage all the SmartOLTs and ONUs deployed, all of this from a single web interface, and in a easy and intutive way,

*For futher information about compatibles OLT’s please contact TELNET Redes Inteligentes.

WA 4530 vista traseraWaveAccess 4530 backview

WaveAccess 4530WaveAccess 4530 frontview


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