GPON ONT WaveAccess 4000 PoE

GPON ONT WaveAccess 4000 PoE+ series


GPON ONT HGU for residential (FTTH) and hospitality (FTTR) use that unifies ONT and Router functionalities in a single device, offering WiFi 802.11ac, up to 4 GbE PoE+ ports, 2 POTS and RF for CATV. .

The WaveAccess 4000 PoE + series ONTs are all interoperable with the GPON OLTs of the main manufacturers in the market *, being possible to deploy them in new or already controlled networks.

All WaveAccess family ONTs are 100% compatible with TELNET’s SmartOLT and its web management system TGMS (TELNET GPON Management System). Using the TGMS, the operator/integrator can configure services easily, and manage all the SmartOLTs and ONTs deployed, all this by using a intuitive web interface.

WaveAccess 4000 PoE


WaveAccess 4532

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