• Description

PHASTFLEX ( Photonic Hybrid Assembly Through Flexible waveguides ) proposes the development of fully automated assembly technologies, and efficient in terms of costs for the new generation of hybrid photonic packaging . In the hybrid packaging, multiple photonic integrated circuits (PICs ) are assembled , combining the best of different materials to a broad spectrum of applications and performance. In PHASTFlex, InP PICs with active functions are combined with passive PICs triplex .

DURATION: January 2014-December 2016

WEBSITE: http://www.phastflex.eu/

TOTAL BUDGET: 4.000.000€

PROJECT COORDINATOR: David Robbins Willow Photonics Ltd, UK E-mail: dave.robbins@willowphotonics.co.uk

  • Consortium

PHASTFLEX (Photonic Hybrid Assembly through Flexible Waveguides)

TU Eindhoven, Netherlands, TU Delft, Netherlands, Oclaro Technology Ltd, UK, LioniX BV, Netherlands, Willow Photonics Ltd, UK, Ficontec Service GmbH, Germany, TELNET REDES INTELIGENTES SA, Spain, IMST GmbH, Germany, Aifotec AG, Germany

Funded by:   Serventh framework programme