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The aim of the project  is develop a solution for a 5G transport network which will integrate segments from Backhaul and Fronthaul and that will be compatible , adaptable and cost efficient. This network  will interconnect in a flexible way 5G radio access functions  and central network, through  a two blocks implemenatation: i) a control infrastructure  that uses a unified network model and that is abstract for the control infrastructure(Xhaul Control Infrastructure, XCI).ii) A unified data plane that includes innovative high transmission   capacity technologies and switching architectures with deterministic latency (Xhaul Packet Forwarding Element, SFE). Xhaul will ease network operations even through the technology diversity, allowing the service  and energy usage quality optimization  as the network applications development.

DURATION:  Julio 2015 – Diciembre 2017


TOTAL BUDGET: 8,352,271€

PROJECT COORDINATOR: Arturo Azcorra azcorra@it.uc3m.es

  • Consortium


Vendors and IT: NEC, Ericsson, Nokia Networks, ATOS and Interdigital Europe. Operators: Telecom Italia, Orange and Telefonica. Small and Medium-sized Enterprises: CoreNetwork Dynamics, Telnet, EBlink, Visiona IP and Nextworks. Academia: University Carlos III of Madrid (Project Coordinator), Fraunhoffer Heinrich Hertz Institute, CTTC, CREATE-NET, Politecnico di Torino, Lunds University and ITRI

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