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One of the major challenges of 5G is the use of the full  available radiofrequency  spectrum and the use of new bands of the radiofrequency spectrum. That is why all bands, starting at 700 MHz and up to 60 GHz or even more, with and without a license, are part of the equation, and that is the main challenge on research that industry  and the scientific community are facing nowadays, in the definition of 5G technology.

The present project aims to obtain a family of systems for characterization of devices and monitoring of hybrid radio-fiber networks, capable of operating in the millimeter band, with advanced features and low cost that allows great versatility to meet the current needs Of demand as well as new emerging applications.

This will allow the members of the consortium to equip themselves with the technological capacity to start a new business activity worldwide with a high added value that is estimated to have an enormous potential for growth.

The deployment of the fifth generation of mobile communications (5G) systems is planned for the year 2020. 5G networks will allow high density antennas, better and more efficient interference management, will facilitate mass communication between all kind of devices and will improve the mass connectivity and deployment of all types of devices connected to the network.

DURATION: 2016 –  2019

TOTAL BUDGET: 668.395, 47 €


FILE NUMBER: RTC-2016-5353-7


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Technical University of Valencia

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