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The overall objective raised by the project “Smart Lantern with nanosensors for Control of Air Quality” is to develop a platform of nanosensors to monitor the ozone concentration in urban, suburban environments and industrial zones. The aims of this project are:

  • Develop and implement an array of nanosensors 2nd generation that increase the sensitivity through the mesoporosity of the oxide semiconductor used as sensitive material.
  • Improve the capacity of screening of ozone in a multicomponent mixture with respect to commercially available thanks to the inclusion of nanoparticles designed ad hoc.
  • The set of nanosensors will be housed in the head intelligent lamps powered by solar panels, which also imposes certain restrictions on electronic and mechanical development.
  • The set of signals generated in the different platforms will be processed and managed by the lamp / control center. Finally, citizens have access to information on the quality of the air you breathe in real-time using a software specifically developed for this purpose.

DURATION: October 2012-September 2015 (36 months)

TOTAL BUDGET: 745.359€

PROJECT COORDINATOR: Enrique Masgrau TELNET Redes Inteligentes S.A.

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Smart lampposts with nanosensors for Air Quality Control .

Funded by :   Ministerio de economia    innpacto