El proyecto DIGIZITY tiene como objetivo general la investigación integral, a lo largo de toda la cadena de valor, de la conectividad, robotización y electrificación de los autobuses.



Description The purpose of this project is to develop and validate a model of sustainable exploitation of historic buildings by creating a system that facilitates comfort management, energy consumption and the conservation of buildings and value elements within . Innovation derives from the management of the three factors mentioned above. Faced with [...]

5G Photonic Network Systems


Description One of the major challenges of 5G is the use of the full  available radiofrequency  spectrum and the use of new bands of the radiofrequency spectrum. That is why all bands, starting at 700 MHz and up to 60 GHz or even more, with and without a license, are part [...]



Description European societies face rapid social changes, challenges and benefits, which can be studied with traditional tools of analysis, but with serious limitations. This rapid transformation covers changes in family forms, fertility, the decline of mortality and increase of longevity, and periods of economic and social instability. Owing to population ageing across [...]



Description TV-FiberCrypt Project The main objetive is develop an efficient   complete solution peer-to-per for video transmit / reception  in “third lambda ” on GPON-FTTH  passive networks which is capable of encrypt / decrypt an optical transmission of a typical DVB-T/DVB-T2 using advanced encryptation methods  offering to the user a radiofrecuency signal [...]

Antenas polimero


Description Development of a new antennas base station generation bor mobile Internet which will change the traditional metallic elemments for new structures based on composed materials and plastic elemments generated by additive manufacturing techniques and subsequent deposition cold projection (CGS) DURATION:  2013 – 2015 TOTAL BUDGET: 403.912€ FILE NUMBER: TSI-100102-2013-60 [...]

Home of the future Telecommunications Infrastructure. IT-HOGAR


Description IT-Hogar develops an infrastructure on optical fiber  at home which is capable to  provide gigabit-ethernet (GbE) connectivity withstanding  simultaneously the radio over fiber transmition from the inmediate future  main  wireless standards: DVB for audiovisual, LTE for 4th generation cellular  phone   in femto-cell and WiFi 802.11n as wireless data service  allowing [...]

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