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Infrastructure solutions for BTS antennas

Compact is the term used by TELNET Redes Inteligentes for a new concept of radiant system and mast integrated as a single product for urban environment with a minimal visual impact. This solution has been designed to achieve maximum compatibility between masts and the TELNET’s compact antennas complete portfolio.

Modular Universal Mast (MUM45) supports three possible types of anchor standards:

BTS antenna bedplate anchorage

Bedplate anchorage

BTS antenna wall pillar anchorage

Wall pillar anchorage

BTS antenna pillar anchorage

Pillar anchorage


For those cases where due  space restrictions or when  special conditions of the  place are requiring a special design, if it’s required TELNET Redes Inteligentes can carry out a study  and design an adaptation for those particular places. This option will preserve all the parameters of the original design and structural guarantees in the original solution.

Key points

  • Low visual impact: The mast diameter can be matched to the diameter of the antenna to maximize the camouflaging of the complete solution with the environment. The top cover or the color can be modified if it’s necessary.
  • Security:  You can install security type systems (like Game System for example) appropriated to different regulations in each country.
  • Modularity: The structure of the mast is composed for several modules enabling manual handling during transport and installation. Each module is designed and dimensioned to be able to install without crane.
  • Accessories: All the bedplates are prepared to incorporate tubular supports 1,2m high, for the placement of devices such as remote heads or radio links, minimizing cable distance and busy roof space.

Technical documentation

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