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TELNET Panel Antennas are a new generation of BTS antennas for mobile phone base stations, whose radiating elements are based on fractal geometry. This technology significantly reduces the size and volume of the antenna, enabling integration into a single panel the equivalent of up to six traditional singleband panels.

The innovative line of panel antennas of TELNET significantly reduces the visual impact as it is possible mimic the antenna, facilitating their integration into the environment through the simulation of building elements, maintaining the versatility of azimuthal and zenithal adjustments (tilt). In addition, the low size of this family of antennas simplifies the installation and maintenance work. This family of antennas is ready for the addition of a Compact RET (Remote Electrical Tilt).

TELNET panel antenna can be mounted on a traditional mast by anchors and mechanical tilt or aesthetically integrated with the modular square mast.

Key features

  • Connectors and adjustments. The lower compartment allows easy access to connectors and antenna adjusting (azimuth and tilt).
  • Minimun size. Minimum weight and size in the market, thanks to fractal technology. It reduces stress due to wind and structural requirements.
  • Variable Electrical Tilt, RET. Electrical Tilt and ready for RET configuration.
  • RET. ready for configuration with RET and INTERNAL RET.

Tecnical documentation

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