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RET (Remote control of variable electric tilt)

Following the philosophy of TELNET Redes Inteligentes, the variable electric tilt remote control solution is an own design, fully adapted to TELNET products. We present several models of RET, each of them can be adapted to the needs of operators, different antennas or environments and always with the same software for all of them. The different models are:

Multimotor external RET: Designed for antennas controlled by a single operator.

Monomotor external RET: Designed for multi-operator antennas, where individual band frequency remote control is needed.

Internal RET: New solution designed for antennas including all RET solution within the radome of the antenna (motors and electronics).

multimotor external RET
monomotor external RET
internal RET


With its different existing models, TELNET RET can adapt to any condition, scenario or operator needs. In the same way as TELNET antennas are fully prepared to be installed on shared sites, TELNET RET gives freedom of movement to the each operator to set up their own tilts.

Key points

  • Modularity: Any TELNET RET solution is ready to be replaced without having to modify the installation of the antenna, or losing control of the required tilt position in each band.
  • Manual controlAll  TELNET RET solutions  allow manual control of the tilt to avoid loss of control over them in case of emergency.
  • Location: In all TELNET antennas, RETs are installed on the lower part of the antenna to allow easy access to connectors and thus facilitate the process of installing the antenna.
  • Compatibility: TELNET RETs are completely designed and manufactured by TELNET Redes Inteligentes, being fully compliant with the protocols AISG2.0/3GPP and with the vendor equipment from ERICSSON, NOKIA NETWORKS, HUAWEI, etc…

Technical documentation

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