On October 29, TELNET Redes Inteligentes, in colaboration with the technological cluster Vórtice IT, organized a technological breakfast: “Intelligent solutions for a connected world”.

The event held in the Historic Center of Querétaro, Mexico, was inaugurated by Juan Carlos Coronado, Director of Vortex IT, who after welcoming the 24 companies summoned reviewed the trajectory of the cluster during 2018 and spoke of future plans.

TELNET, on the other hand, explained to the attendees the advantages of GPON technology over structured cabling. Conference continued with the presentation of TELNET’s GPON and IoT porfolio and ended his shift explaining some success stories in hotels that have adopted FTTR (Fiber to the Room).

The event, which featured prominent attendees such as Arturo Ruiz, vice president of the Chamber of Commerce of Mexico City, has served to boost TELNET’s relations with telecommunications companies in the Mexican market.

Juan Carlos Coronado junto a Antonio Adán

Caption(from left to right): Juan Carlos Coronado, VorticeIT  manager and Antonio Adán, LATAM account manager.