TELNET Group consists of a set of technology-based companies that have their basis in the company TELNET Redes Inteligentes S.A. 100% owned by the family enterprise  Inversora VIRO S.L.

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In 2009, TELNET began its internationalization strategy and business diversification, in order to find new horizons for their products in other countries and to reach new markets through diversification of its business.

As a result of this policy, in 2009 started the internationalization of TELNET by constituting its first subsidiary in Lisbon, with the name of NETIBERTEL REDES INTELIGENTES UNIPESSOAL LDA, and with the aim to commercialize the products of Spanish parent company in Portugal.

In 2012 there was a major boost both on the internationalization of and the diversification since it established two new companies:

  • ENERGY MINUS S.L, whose objective is “developing and manufacturing products and intelligent systems, aimed at energy savings in public lighting and private, as well as contributing to the development of digital urban planning of cities and towns to improve all services provided to citizens”.
  • SATYA: dedicated to advanced electronic security and fire protection.

At the same time progress was made in the internationalization by creating one subsidiary in Santiago de Chile: TELNET América, and signed cooperation agreements with local companies in Argentina, Peru, Mexico, Morocco, Russia, France, Italy, China, Turkey…

In the coming years, TELNET will try to consolidate its existing international presence and will continue to look new markets abroad.

Moreover, TELNET will continue its policy of corporate diversification, especially in new technology sectors.

TELNET worldwide presence

Currently, the TELNET Group consists of the following companies that offer high-tech solutions in various sectors and countries:

TELNET Redes Inteligentes

Parent company of the group engaged in the manufacture of fiber optic cable, antennas for mobile telephony base stations, broadband equipment and passive optical components. Pol. Centrovía – c/ Buenos Aires, 18 50198 La Muela, Zaragoza – SPAIN Tel: (+34) 976 14 18 00

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TELNET Redes Inteligentes subsidiary based in Lisbon which aims to provide sales and service support to customers and Portuguese operators. Av. FontesPereira de melo, 16 1050-121, Lisbon – PORTUGAL Tel: (+351) 910 211 229


Energy Minus

Takes advantage of electronic design and telecommunications experience of Telnet Redes Inteligentes to create Sensor Networks solutions tailored to different application areas, from natural or industrial environments to Smart Cities. Pol. Centrovía – c/ Buenos Aires, 93 50198 La Muela, Zaragoza – SPAIN Tel: (+34) 976 14 18 00

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TELNET América

Subsidiary of the parent company whose objective is to meet the needs of telecom operators of the Chilean market and provide technical and commercial support to Latin America. Calle Badajoz, 100. Of. 1124, Las Condes Santiago de Chile – CHILE Tel: (+56) 2 2758 2920

TELNET America logo


Subsidiary of the parent company whose objective is to meet the needs of telecom operators of the Mexican market.

Darwin 74, 3º piso, Col. Anzures,
Del. Miguel Hidalgo, 11590, Ciudad de México
Teléfono: (+52) 55 8738 5567

TELNET America logo


Company that develops, distributes and installs high-tech solutions focus on security. Offers alarm monitoring, video surveillance systems, fire detection, presence detection, access control and a wide range of products and services focused on security. Pgno. Malpica-Alfindén C/M nº 36 50171 Zaragoza – SPAIN Tel: (+34) 876 000 091

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